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Ah yes, storage in "the cloud." Here are the problems with "cloud" storage.
  1. I currently pay a monthly bill just to have access to the internet. If all my photos are stored on "the cloud" and nowhere else, if I fail to pay the Internet bill, I lose access to my photos.
  2. There's a periodic (monthly? yearly?) bill I have to pay to have the cloud storage. If I fail to pay the bill, I lose access to my photos. After some time of not paying the bill, chances are my photos will be erased. This one can be mitigated somewhat by local storage, but again that has to be updated periodically (hard drives typically last around 5 years or so?) When I die, who is going to want to pay the monthly bill just to maintain access to the photos stored in the cloud?

This is all mitigated by having physical copies of the photos. Slides can be viewed with a light source and a lens, either to magnify them or project them. Prints, while IMHO not as vibrant as slides, can be viewed with nothing more than the human eye. Storage is cheap - store them in slide trays, slide boxes, photo albums, or even shoe boxes.

Simon and PE, you said it very well.
I don't know anyone who uses "the cloud" as the sole repository of their photos. That would make no more sense than only keeping a copy on your PC's hard drive. "The cloud" is good for backup and for accessibility via the web no matter where you are.

What would you do if the slides in that shoebox got damaged/lost/discarded/destroyed? Would it have been worth an annual fee to guarantee that you could duplicate them down to the last molecule?