Dear emulsion makers,

I am a hobby microscopist, trying to learn the art of microphotography (printing a very small image on a microscope slide). After a rather promising start, I am having a lot of difficulties in producing the emulsion. At the moment I am basically wasting time, not getting anywhere. I have a brief description of the process, but it only touches on the subject of very fine grain emulsion making. For this reason I am looking for two papers:

"Small-scale preparation of fine-grain (colloidal) photographic emulsions" H.M. Stationery Off., 1960;

"The preparation of ultra-fine grain photographic emulsions" Journal of Scientific Instruments Volume 31 Number 9, 1954

both by B.H. Crawford.

If anyone has these papers (or one of them), I would greatly appreciate a copy.

Many thanks in advance, and best wishes,