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I just received my Beseler Cadet II enlarger, after deciding to set-up my darkroom and finally try to print. I wanted to try how the image projects on the base-board and start to get familiar with the process. Except the lamp burned. I think I have not even had it on for 30 min. in total (not continuosly, but on and off several times, trying to see some of my negatives projected).
Did anybody have a similar experience or have some idea what could cause that? I have a replacement lamp and I changed it. Everything seems to work fine now, but I don't think it will be feasible to change lamp after every printing session. Can I just call it bad luck or should I be worried? Maybe it's a bad sign...to remind me my negatives don't deserve to see paper...
it was a sign to remind you to print before the green party outlaws enlarger bulbs