I don't know what kind of bulb that particular enlarger uses. But in terms of general info, the bulb could have been weakened by the enlarger
being bounced around during shipment. Touching a halogen bulb with bare fingers will cause them to pop. An unusually severe sudden change in temp can sometimes do it, as can an excessive voltage surge. Halogen bulbs used in typical colorhead are not affected by new light bulb regulations. I just had a halogen pop in one of my colorheads, but it's the first one in that particular unit in over a decade. The quality of bulb
can make a huge difference. A halogen make in the US or Japan might last for years, while the generic cheapo equivalent made in China might
pop in a week. Cheap price generally equals cheap quality. Halogens also have a specific required burn position. If it's an old screw-in opal lamp, however, you'll need an archaeologist to help you find another one. ... better modernize the head.