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Please, think twice before posting! How can it be EFKE, when the factory has been closed for over an year? And, how can it be PanF, when Harman will not use the same emulsion for other films?
It is a new emulsion, and the fact the DX code is new only confirms it. Besides the expiry date is set for 4 years from now. It goes with the Harman normal life span for its emulsions of 4 to 5 years.
And RegularRod already proved it a few pages back.

Please, stop with rumours and other insinuations that are bore of ignorance, not facts.
Hello! I do think before posting!!! Maybe you should, too! It very well vould be Efke. Look at all the Agfa that was made before they closed and is still around!

Rod hasn't proven anything, only that it isn't a document film. Nothing against Rod here.

I'm asking questions because we really don't know.