Sorry that I'm a bit late in discussion.

I do all my processing in my very small bathroom. I have a three-shelved cart on wheels. I keep all the printing stuff on the bottom, the graduates, chemicals and tanks on the middle, and the enlarger (a huge 23C III) on top. When it's time to print, I wheel the cart to the bathroom and shove a towel under the door to block out the light and set the trays in the tub. Because of the room's small size, I have to squat or get on my knees to agitate the trays. For print washing I take a re-purposed litter box (bought new of course!) with drainage holes and place it under the tap and do my prints left to right with the prints ending in the litter box.

Oh, and I hang the safelight by the cord over the curtain rail so it's above my trays. Again, very crude (and painful) but it gets the job done. Only downside is that it's like an oven in the summer!