Never too late. This thread gets dredged up from time to time as you can see. I'm now in the upstairs full bath, though there is a little space, 6x11 including shower.

I'm set up much like you. I keep the chems on the lower shelf, that way if something happens, wet side stuff gets on the floor instead of into the paper safe, et al. I set the developer tray on the sink top with a book to level it out on the basin edge. Stop is on top of the hopper tank. Fix on the closed seat lid. I put a 16x20 tray in the shower and run water in it for rinse. Hang from some mechanic's wire suspended from the shower curtain rod. Towels go under the door cracks from the outside.

Setup and breakdown time might total an hour, tray drying time excluded. But there is a lot more room than I had before. Still not nearly as much as I would like. I think in a couple years I might invest in my own darkroom if I can find one with a house attached to it.