My durst 4x5 pro had a ph213 bulb in in, popped after just a few test prints when I got it. Rated life: 3 hrs LOL I ended up switching to a lower wattage bulb, longer printing times but less heat, and much longer life.

Sometimes newer bulbs just arent good out of the box, I got a brand new set of bathroom mirror compact fluorescents that were pretty pricey as they have a tiny screw in base, and out of a new pack of 4, 1 died after 1 day. It happens, but its also good practice to try and not touch any bulbs that can get really hot with bare hands as the oils can affect them.

Also, one time in my darkroom class a student slid a LPL6700 head up the column way to fast, and after hitting the top of if the bulb popped, and its filament was broken. So shock is a factor too.