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I like the feeling of the print. It seems to me like it turned a mundane scene into something to look at. I'd like to know, the tone on the picture, is that the natural tone of the paper, or was that tone introduced by the scanner.? I also like the resolution and detail. did you scan the print or the film , What did you scan it with ?

It's impossible for me to know what tone you're looking at on your monitor so I'd take it as indicative rather than definitive. What I can say is that it's a scan of the print and there was just a little sharpening applied. The scanner is an old Epson 3200 flatbed. I scanned it as a colour file and checked the tone on the monitor (iMac) against the print. The print looked warmer so I adjusted the colour temperature in Lightroom to match the two as closely as I could. It's not an exact science -at least where I'm concerned - but I felt the scans were quite faithful to the originals. Hope that helps.