I use 3/4" playwood on the counter and extend it over part of the tub with support leg (Ikea leftover) in the tub. This is spare bathroom on the lower level of the house, right next to utility and storage room. I cant set it up in 5mintes and I can dismantle is in as much time. My Enlarger sits on top of playwood with chemical trays next to it, wash trays (water) are in the tub and I run final wash by letting water run in the tub into last tray. It is nice setup and the only issue I have it gets really warm especially when i work with my kids (can only accomodate max 2 people)partially due to bathroom light fixture that has 6 bulbs and generates lots of heat once room is light proofed. I run bathroom fan during processing and printing, not much help for heat. O yes, unfortunately, I do keep paper on toilet below playwood as the is the most optimal place for it. The only problem I have is the safe light is only about 2.5 feet from dev. tray so I try to not trun it on untill I have paper in for at least 5 sec. (B&W), did not notice any fogging yet, but might have to move is down on the floor.