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The F-1n came out in 76 and the New F-1 in 81, the Nikon F2 came out in 71, so the F-1n/New had quite a bit of time to get "sophisticated."

I think the F-1 is a fine camera, but I don't own Canon FD gear, hence my use of Nikon and other systems. I think the F2 is probably close to the perfect camera, awesome build, etc. for that time and I'll use one any day of the week without a thought. It's probably more accurate to compare the F-1n and New F-1 to the Nikon F3, rather than the F2. Honestly though, why even put them into a comparison test?
I agree the New Canon F1 is closer in specification to the Nikon F3 than the Nikon F2, which is closer to the original Canon F1.
At the time these cameras were currently manufactured I worked at a leading professional camera dealer where about 90% of the customers were working pro's, and since I handled all the company's warranty and chargeable repairs I can tell you we got a hell of a lot more Nikon F3's to repair than New canon F1's especially under warranty.