Be sure to look closely at all the cheapie p&s's, I once found a Yashica T-4 in usable condition for $2.00 at a local Goodwill.

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Great find! All they have in my thrift stores are those lousy little plastic P&S cameras. If the paint over the logo is enamel you may be able to remove it w/ very carefully applied paint thinner. If the paint that covers the logo is lacquer, then lacquer thinner will work, or maybe even paint thinner. If the paint over the label is acrylic, you can try some of the stuff below. If the camera is painted originally w/ lacquer you will be in danger zone trying to remove lacquer from lacquer, so try the paint thinner first. Is the logo a paper/plastic decal or painted on? That's the thing you need to find out. Be very careful w/ lacquer thinner. I'd try denatured alcohol first maybe, and go from there.