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This is Funny.. I was just thinking of the F2 in last couple of days and saw this thread. What a gorgous camera. I love the robust chunky look to it. They are still fitching a pretty penny too on auction sites. Looks like they were built like tanks too. awesome!

There are some very attractive deals on F2s at KEH. And here from time to time. You want an eye opener, look up what an F or F2 cost new and compare that to the cost of a new car at the same time. I love my F, I've had several. I'll have an F2 when the right one appears at the right time, not because I need one - I have two Nikkormats, an FT and an FTN, plus the F/FTN finder, plain prism as well - I just want one. And having an odd number of Nikons is bad juju.