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I read the many threads on XTOL replenishment and thought i would give it a try. It sounds like i will get the results I'm after. but the question i kept coming up with is once the developer is seasoned, what are the appropriate developing times. I have the kodak fact sheet and it lists a few time, but most are in whole steps from box speed.

So what can i use a good starting point for the seasoned stuff? Someone said around the 1+2 dilution. But I wanted to get some advice from those of you with experience. I could always do it mathematically, extrapolating the time differences between kodak's stock and replenished times, but who wants to play around with excell?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have used replenished Xtol for about five years, and the 1+2 recommendation is a good one. Of course there are individual differences in how we shoot and process, which means adjustments have to be made to get the contrast you want in your negatives.

Good luck!