10498197043_deaaa10712.jpg Return to Film Bootcamp
on Monhegan Island, ME

Monday Sept 8th through Friday, Sept 12th, 2014

Workshop Description

This Monday to Friday workshop offers the beginning to intermediate film-based photographer an intense immersion into the basic and advanced processes for film photography with basic tools and without a darkroom. You’ll explore materials, methods, and expressive approaches through a series of guided, hands-on challenges designed to increase your technical ability and visual awareness. Take part in classroom exercises, studio sessions and field work in stunning locations 10 miles out to sea on beautiful Monhegan Island, Maine. The workshop will include lecture, interactive discussions and projects, and an independent project you’ll design and execute yourself under the guidance and encouragement of the instructor. This will be a hands-on class. This workshop will focus on creating black and white film images.

Go to http://www.davidaimone.com/workshops for more details.