Hi Folks:
I'm offering my Noblex 175U 6x17 camera for sale, complete with a panolux exposure module, 120 degree tripod head (for making 360 degree panoramas), and 10 filters (Sky 1A, ND1, ND2, Close-up 6.5 - 13 feet, Close-up 4.3-6.5 feet, Haze/UV, Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellow/green). Everything is in exceptional condition and has just returned from Noblex Canada, where the back hinges have been replaced, and the internal disk has been changed for a new rubber clutch that never deforms or causes banding. The camera takes four shots on a roll of 120 film, and produces extremely sharp images with its Noblar T 75mm lens. I would like $3000 or your best offer for the ensemble, and would be happy to send photos on request.
Best of all - Ed