First can I say thanks all for providing a gold mine of information, I decided to register here after repeatedly finding the forums threads as a result of internet searches.

Well my film history. Apart from film compacts the first time I shot a film SLR was when I did my work experience at the Chronicle and Echo newspaper in Northampton back at the end of the 80's. I really wanted to become a pro photographer and loved printing in their lab. At the time newspapers were going to freelancers, the guys seemed worried and my careers advice was to do a technical profession with a somewhat more guaranteed income. As I was very good at science I went to university and studied Physics which eventually led to a career specialisation as a Systems Engineer. I completely lost touch with photography until 2004 when I had a big wedding to attend and holiday in southern France and northern Spain so I spent way to much money on what was at the time the top of the range Fuji superzoom. Until a few weeks ago I was completely digital but was frequently never that happy with how the images looked or the amount of time I often spent doing digital development in ACR, maybe I didn't get proficient in it. Funnily enough it was the beautiful colour tonality of Porta and Fuji 160 images on the net that has brought me back to film rather than a huge desire for B&W even though I love that too. That and falling in love with the Leica M system, or rather rangefinders in general allied to the feeling that I had been wasting a lot of money on digital upgrades and gimmick technology of no interest on this journey.

I shot my first 4 films in over 20 years over Christmas, took them into Snaps Photographic Services over in Bournemouth and have been hugely happy with the results. I am hybrid only at the moment and the experience of only feeling the need to do some minor tweaking of their scans has been everything I had hoped for, I have 4 shots I want to see printed at 16" so will be heading back over there tomorrow or Saturday morning. Very excited to see the results.

Thanks for having me.