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Kodak is not Efke. Fotochemika had all kinds of cutting and packaging problems due to their financial inability to maintain their facility. This fact eventually became their demise. I really liked some of their products, but the quality control was often so-so. If Kodak cuts the film, it will be correct.
drew. you forget it is the cine division that is making this, not alaris.
alaris is used to cutting sheet film, cine isnt.
alaris knows 4x5 isnt at size, as some folks do, but not everyone is that savvy,
efke cut everything 1/32" off as i remember, and they had been cutting film (adox as well ) since
the early days.. founded in 1860 earlier than Kodak ...
i dont think i it would be far fetched to think that the cine division would be clueless,
after all they have tripled the price because they foresee
problems cutting this film to sheet film sizes ( this is the stuff that is like 1$/roll in 35mm,
the sheet film price it will cost is 6x the normal price)

we can only hope they dont cut it when mercury is retrograde ..