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Kodaks cutters are roll type which use precision rolls to shear as they draw on the take up spooling. Eastman/Kodak is having to design and machine a custom roll shear pair if I remember the historic film machine photos correctly. No small task. Many ante'd in. Some hung on at the raise. We will see how the hand plays out. I've had risk managers refuse to allow their corporate lab to mix an expiramental lubricant for full price and we do the testing.... At least E/K will try it.
Yea, if EK will agree to do it, they are probably pretty confident that the film will be fine, the base of the cine film is fairly thick to begin with.

In comparison, Ilford won't even entertain the idea of cutting PanF+ in sheet. So I'm sure this film will work, heck it's got to be better than the IR sheet film that's super thin.