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not being productive?
considering people are paying 6$/sheet for film
it seems that it is good to know the fine print, and seeing this is film never used for this purpose
maybe normal- guarantees might not be the same ...
not as naive as you, since i have been buying sheet film for 25 years and had troubles over that
period with kodak.
you actually think if the film is too curly and falls out of he holders kodak will refund the $$?

poorly cut film, to thin film, problems unforseen that happen after delivery ..This would normally be guaranteed
but because this is "special-request film" the normal might not apply...

this is why im not buying this film, not because i dont want the look .. but because
it is all hard sell wih no real answers aside from how it is special in 35mm and the last black and white emulsion made...

most of what you post is opinion, not fact ...
True, my opinion, I agree, but aesthetics is all objective of course, I can't be the only one who thinks it's a good film at the price they are asking, heck I saw a lot of people COMPLAINING that the special order wasn't offered in larger formats, and I don't mean 8x10 I mean 11x14 and 20x24 sizes... Haha imagine how much that would cost hah!

You're right, it's a special order so things are different, but if you ask for 4x5 from kodak and they cut it the wrong size, obviously they would back it up, can you imagine the bad press if 300 LF photographers got stiffed, especially I'm sure a few are big shots (unlike me) so it wouldn't be good for kodak, and they've been doing this long enough to not screw it up.

Trust me the letter from kodak was thorough, regarding their attempt at cutting, etc, if the cost goes over the $300 per box they will stop attempts and refund the money, period. So they will cut and test and cut and test until either they get it right or they run out of money.

Kodak is not EFKE