Having tried Acufine and Rodinal recently and posted my results here (think I screwed up on the 1:50 Rodinal dilution, so will retry that at some other time), I mixed up a fresh batch of D76 yesterday and put my recently self-refurbished Canon FTb w/ FD 50 1.4 lens thru it today. All I can say is, D76, I missed ya! While I love the grain in Rodinal, and it's hard to beat Acufine's sharpness & cleanness, D76 and Tri-X really are perfect together. Also, this FD 50 1.4 chrome nose lens rocks. Who knew? Shot at box speed (200 w/ Y. filter)

D76 is all about the tones, to me anyway. I accidentally developed this full strength at the 1+1 times (9 1/2 minutes at 70 degrees) instead of the 6 1/2 minutes Kodak calls for. The photos look beautiful, which is another great thing about D76. It's hard to mess things up. Love this developer.



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small 5.jpg

small 10.jpg