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Hi there.
Looking at the amount of cameras of different types and format piling up in front of me I began to wonder.
Is there a time or do you feel at a point going from finding different formats versatile to feel you get lost in a wilderness of choices in formats and cameratypes? If so at what point?
Best regards
After dealing with that for 30 years I have a practical solution. I make small prints from small negatives and big prints from big negatives. That is, I try to keep my enlarger magnification ratio similar (to some extent). That way I am just as happy with my tiny Minox prints as I am with my 16x20 prints from 8x10 negatives.

What I was doing ten years ago was enlarging everything to 16x20 (even Minox!). The Large Format stuff frequently looked so much better, thus casting doubt on the utility of the smaller formats.