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[boojum]I wasn't being snarky, I was being astonished. I'm still astonished. And if the agony in eight fits has it right, all who read this will vanish softly and suddenly away.[/boojum]. All safe now, if there are survivors.
Why are you astonished that someone might prefer analog wet prints? Why are you astonished that there are still people alive who automatically think of analog wet prints when someone says "prints" or "photographs"? Do their preferences, does their history, count for nothing in the face of your digital new found land? How can you, after 3k posts to a site like APUG, possibly be astonished by someone, who might very well have grown up with wet prints, actually having the unmitigated gall to prefer them? How?

Let me tell you something Dan. I don't give a rat's ass if people care for one or the other; I know I've made the right choice for me, and those prints I gave to a friend were the right choice for her. And when I'm out there with a beaten up SLR it's the people with digital cameras that make ignorant remarks like 'I didn't know they still made film'. It's the digital strangers who walk up to me in Pennsylvania buffet restaurants and say 'By the way, I like your camera, it's really cool'. It's digital tourists who smile at me benignly but with a look in their eye that says 'why does he use that, he knows something I don't'. I don't imagine this stuff Dan, it really happens to me. Maybe they're just weak, in which case you're better off preaching to them than to me. If you want to be astonished talk to them. That'll do it.

Meh, now I've thrown me off my Grahams...