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... By comparison, properties of people of German descent were never seized, nor were they interred, though a degree of abuse was inevitable.
That's not true. German and Italian Americans went through similar experiences. The Germans in BOTH wars. The father of one of my mother's friends was detained during the war because he was a German American, even though he was Jewish.

There are lots of records if you even do a cursory Google search.

The difference was that being of European descent, it was harder to distinguish between them, and many had changed their names at Ellis Island. The Japanese were more visibly identifiable and had actually attacked our installations. The many Japanese interred were not just farmer's. Many were shopkeepers and other city folks. Even mixed Asian ethnicities were included if they had any Japanese.

It was not big business who was behind it, either. It was widespread paranoia that primarily led to it, although the white farmers did support it.