Over the new year I had this thought. I got into b/w which I love, I can do the processing myself not yet the printint but hopefully in the future when I get my own space (house). I still shoot slides and I have some rolls in my freezer. Due to the cost here in New Zealand ie $37 a roll of 35mm format and processing unmounted is $18US or maybe $8US additional for mounting. I have to import my film and export them to the US for processing in batches, I also don't do enought o self process nor do I trust myself.

I might continue to use slide film in medium format which I have yet to get but I do have some film in 120 format already when they discontinued E100G. I have already gave up color neg film. But I think even medium format for color slides might be dated - for easy subjects I might use it but when the light is changing fast or if I am travelling and I don't want it toast it digital provides a safe net right? Then continue to use b/w? I understand that some film photographers not necessarily just on this forum who now only shoot b/w film.