could of , would of , should of,


The Jpeg attached is something I am working on, simple setup, simple lighting, simple concept.

But , the big difference is that it is part of an ongoing Series of Solarizations that I have been doing for over 10 years now , by using film and solarizing in the darkroom, then inverting the file and then making four colour plates to then intaglio prints.

Yes some one can mimic the image in PS and inkjet, but it would not be the same, or have the provenance.
I am sure that out in the great world of imagery there is a guitar that looks like this one, I just have not seen it and by the time I am finished with it the physicality of it will not be the same.

I was initially inspired by Man Ray , Ed Buffaloe, Wynn Bullock for all the work I do. has examples of my early and some of the more recent.
today it is the guitars, tommorow childrens bicycles , and next month contrived studio landscapes.

I think it is really hard for photographers to come up with something that is unique to themselves, if they find it they should continue working on it.

I am always amazed when I hear people state they are going to strap on their camera and go looking for photographs. For me its always imagined in my head before I ever consider picking up a camera. Which btw for me is the least enjoyable part of the process.