Firstly, It was me who took this very 'off topic' so I apologise.

In finishing sheet film, you cut the lengths off the the parent roll, so for 10 x 8 sheet you cut an 8" block x the parent roll length ( say 1,500 linear metres ), and other widths off the same parent rolls at the same time obviously, that block is then 'chopped' in a separate ( automated ) process into the 10" dimension ( and at the same time the notches are put in ). I would imagine ( but do not know for sure ) the edge signing would be done when its in the 8" x 1,500m state as an optical in line process from the big slitter. We have no such in line optical exposing device, we have never had one for sheet, nor would we believe we have any real customer value in adding one. So obviously if we did it, which we could, the cost would need to be passed on in a higher product not want to do that, do not think the customer needs it either.

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We have no such