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hi rich

i think everything is like 20/20 hindsight, isn't it ?
things always seem so easy but in reality they aren't as easy as they seem.

i think the article was kind of funny ... and in a way inspiring that it is possible to do something
and pull it off but in the end, (its like bob says), its all about provenance ...

while i think that technology makes things seem easier, it actually makes things harder ...
even arcane technology
like pre panchromatic emulsions.
it seems so easy it looks so easy, but its not ..
I'd agree with that. Back in the early 80's I was avidly pursuing rock drumming for a short while. It was just when the electronic drum machines were gaining mainstream popularity (Think: Phil Collins, In The Air Tonight) and the attitude was similar to this article: well, now anyone can be a drummer. Proved it was not as simple or easy as people thought. Just a new tool that allowed a bit more accessibility to some of the more complicated aspects but still left a lot more to use it well.