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I just thought Stone was being sarcastic....

Anyway, thanks Michael. I go back to the island every year now that my brother, an artist, has a place there. Great variety of locations and ever changing conditions on that small island 10 miles out to sea!

We are converting the first floor of his house from a store to a studio/gallery this spring. No darkroom but it should be a great place to work out of with lots of work space. I'm going to leave the agenda flexible to take advantage of the best outdoor conditions, while spending the rest of the time working in the studio-- discussing, developing, scanning and printing.

We'll be developing with caffenol, pyrocat and maybe Rodinal. Beside developing, I'll have a scanner, an inkjet printer and we'll use the sun for a uv light source with van dykes. We may even produce a digital negative or two if we have the time.

I will have medium and large format cameras and film, as well as pinhole cameras at both sizes.

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Well, yes and no, because it's a hybrid process workshop, it does belong in DPUG doesn't it?

You aren't printing optically, so this kind of discussion is off topic for APUG, or that's my understanding but I could be wrong, I get confused about all that.

Sounds like a fun weekend but I would do it more because it would be fun to shoot WITH other photographers but I couldn't afford it at that price and I don't see what I personally would gain from it since I do all that in my kitchen normally.

I'm sure for someone just starting out this would be a great learning experience.