Thank you everyone. I have done some basic experimentation with the following. 2 rolls 400 ASA Tri-x Developed in D-76 at room temp for 8 minutes, looked really nice, good tonal range. Now here is were a take the train and drive it off the cliff. I found some of what I can only guess is 14 years plus T-Max 100 120 film as it expiration date was 02/2000 . Well I decided to shoot it and then process it in a new method I found out about. It is as follows, Water Rinse for 2 min constant agitation, Room temp D-76 1 min agitation and then left to stand for 59 mins. I then rinsed and fixed for 12 mins as I used to knowing that T-Max has a purple tint to it if not fixed for a long time. Again Thanks all, and I will keep you posted on my return to the wonderful world of film.