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Also, I post this here on APUG knowing that many who will read it are at a level where they don't <need> this workshop. But maybe some do, and others could pass it along to someone they know who has been interested in film but hasn't taken the plunge or has only dipped their toes in the water. Either way, it is a chance to promote film photography and to work with others in a beautiful place far from the distractions of the "real" world.

I'm pretty excited about how good this workshop will be. Since I'm limiting it to 5 attendees, and my expenses are significant to do it on the island, I actually won't be making a lot of money doing this. It will be a small group in an extraordinary location for a reasonable amount of money.

I'm a bit surprised and saddened about all the negativity here in this forum so far... if you're not interested, that's fine, but I'm doing this because I love doing it and now I have the opportunity...
I am sorry for my negativity and I do hope some really fun people join this trip of yours.