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Seriously? If someone shoots and develops film, but they don't make prints with an enlarger, they're not welcome here on APUG?

Wow! That eliminates most of today's best film photographers out there...most use hybrid techniques to some extent.
Well, yes I agree, but that the way many on APUG feel, at least as far as discussions on scanning and printing with an ink jet go, they are not slowed here, they tend to ignore when you post scanned negatives etc these days thankfully. APUG is a strange place, but they promote full analog, understand this is the ONLY place on the net that is full analog, every other place has hybrid discussion, so they try to keep it pure photography and no photoshop, it makes sense if you understand the broader picture, it took me forever to accept it. You can go anywhere to discuss ink jet printing or PS tools, but you can only come here to learn about dodging and burning and such from masters of the craft who only use traditional tools. So it's a nice small pocket of folks who are skilled at what they enjoy most about photography, and that's why I and others come here. It's not so bad even if people like me say dumb things...