Ciba RC was very prominent in the two labs I work at in the 80's , SCL imaging and BGM colour labs.
The paper came in 50 inch by 100 ft rolls, RC gloss, RC pearle, and the High Gloss polyester. I liked the pearl version of this paper.

I started a Ciba process of my own in the mid to late 90's which in the beginning was enlarger cut sheet only , but once I purchased a Lambda I used 30 inch High Gloss material, that I purchased in single grade rolls.

For enlarger work there was three grades to choose from in RC and High Gloss.
In combination with very complicated contrast reducing with highlight protection masks we made some pretty damm nice print, one show of 36 murals hung in the Smithsonian.

Once I purchased the Lambda machine we stuck with the top end product and its highest contrast material, because we could control the contrast via Photoshop.

I am sad to see this product go away, but the Swiss Group,,, not to be confused with the British Group,,, were very impossible to work with, and the crying was all but done by 2003.

There are still small pockets of printers who have stock left and are charging some pretty impressive rates to make prints.
Basically they were lucky to be in a position near the demise to stockpile hundreds of thousands of dollars of this product , and chemistry. I was not in this position and basically threw out a perfect running custom Cibachrome machine.