thanks for the link parker

before reading the rest of this thread i went to their website and poked around ..
then i called to find their prices. i couldn't get through to c/s so i emailed them
and the person who wrote back said without being a customer i can't get prices ...

i called, and i was going to "sign up" to get their prices
but decided if they can't give their prices to a pro who
emails them there really isn't a point.

to be honest, i have never heard of a pro lab or any lab who refuses work
but by forbidding regular people to get prices or to be their customer,
( even if that regular person is a out of state professional! )
they have really painted themselves into a corner.

i am sure people know how much
it costs $$ to get a professional to photograph, retouch and oversee the production prints, after all it isn't just the print that
the professional is charging 25$ / 8x10 it is his / her expertise, overhead, insurance &c.
its funny, my plumber used to have a note on their invoices that explained why their prices might seem "high"
it was because they had a boatload of overhead.

the thing is if it costs 1.70 / roll of 120 to be processed
it must cost the lab about 20 I'M OUTRAGED ! LOL
i think i'll just get my cat labs kit and process the film myself ...