Found in a flea market in a local town - a 1950 Geman-made Dacora-Kamerawerk 'Daci Royal'. The woman in charge of the stall where I bought it was sitting in for the guy who ran it and agreed with me it was a pitiful looking specimen of a camera (ahem!). She agreed he had no chance of selling it and let it go for 2.00 after I haggled her down from a fiver. Cheap I know!
The lens is f9 and single sticky shutter at 1/40 sec - but it's a wonderful little thing that unfortunately has no need of duct tape.

Anyway I went to our local seaside town the other day to try it out. Uploaded a photo called 'Cheap Laughs' to the gallery (I know, I'm laboring the 'cheap' angle but hey....!)

Thanks to adelorenzo for a great MSA...