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And Ents! Many things 'wrong' with the LotR movies. 1) No Tom Bombadil and his maiden lady Goldberry and 2) the Ents got trashed and turned into comic characters that had be tricked by hobbits to act!

And I have to toss in another image -- Three Boys, Three Snags, Prairie Creek Pedwoods State Park, 8x10 carbon print
Yes, I was VERY upset there was NO Bombadil. He was the MOST important character in the whole series for me... the ring had NO power over him. How they could have left that out was shocking. The Ents are the wise-old caretakers of the forests. To make a mockery of them was blasphemy! grrrr! Anyway I grew up with the books and read them cover to cover and how many sets were just destroyed... should have gone with the hardcovers. So I was really picky about the film....

I love that pic, Vaughn, really puts humans in perspective to those humble giants...("puny, defenseless bipeds," as Tom Baker said.) I can see the 3rd one Stone but on an iPhone it's probably too small for you, he is swallowed up by the shear size of the 'Ent' snag being in dark clothes but you can make the head out.

All these trees and forests are wonderful!