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In more detail here's a broad calculation for a home darkroom using 2000 sheets of 8x10 gelatin-silver photographic paper per year:

Silver content of photographic paper is notionally 1 milligram per square inch so 2000 sheets or 160,000 square inches of paper carry 160 grammes of silver.

160 grammes is about 6 ounces. If half the silver stays in the paper to make the pictures the other half goes out in the fixer. That's about 3 ounces.

World silver prices vary but at $20 an ounce the discarded silver is potentially worth $60.

Allowing for the expenses in recovering the silver, shipping the concentrate, and refining it back to metal, the home darkroom operator could potentially score every year a $30 ingot about the size of a large coin. Turning this ingot into cash could fund the purchase of maybe 30 sheets of 8x10 photographic paper.

Worth it? YMMV.

You aren't including the environmental cost of pulling that silver out of the ground again.