I dunno Shootar, I started with an AE-1, and that's more or less all I ever shot with for a couple of years. Without wishing to start a CanoNikon debate, I got myself into Nikon when I got into dSLRs because all the glass I had was FD so it wouldn't work on either system, and I think Canon seriously dropped the ball when they went digital in terms of how to control their bodies. Started out with a D5000 as a hobby, ended up with a D700 earning me some half-decent money... That said, I see very little difference between most 35mm systems, so I'm happy to shoot with pretty much anything that has detachable lenses and isn't a pinhole, hence the collection... If someone offered me an F3 and a nifty fifty when I was shooting what's left of my old AE-1, I'd have taken it! The F-1's a lovely camera in hand, it just feels right! I've never touched a Nikon of the same calibre to compare it to, but still, it just feels beautiful, and having heard what people say about pro-level Nikons, Canons, Minoltas, Pentaxes, Olympuses etc. etc., I'd be happy to just give it a go!