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I think their price is $2.60 a roll. All.of the pro labs ask you to open an account. All of them.
ALL of the "pro" labs I've used here in LA don't play the hide-n-seek game with their pricing. Nor have any of them required I 'start an account' before doing business. They're brick and mortar establishments(I'm talking Icon, Richard Photo Lab, A&I, etc...) and have a large walk-in customer base, and most also have an equally large(if not larger) mail-order business.

If they want to extend discounts to their "regular" customers, that's their perogative. But for an average joe like me, they quote me the price stated on their site(as they should?!), and that's the price I(and most others) pay them for their services rendered

Anyhow, I have to no dog in this fight. I've never used Miller's before, and frankly, if they think they're protecting their business, or their customers business by hiding prices from the regular public(or their customers end clients), well we can agree to disagree on their decision to do such

Happy days, at least they're still processing film