You really mean your house actually was on fire today and it burned down?? That is terrible!!
It looks bad at the photo. Not too much damage I hope. Is it salvageable and insured I hope?
And I hope that your stuff and equipment isn't damaged too much.

It's too bad you're on the other side of the big ocean, otherwise I would drive over and help you rebuild the place.
I hope you and your family are all save through this fire.
I wish you the best dealing with this mayhap.
Bert from Holland

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So, in trying to turn bad into good, I took a shot with my crappy $10 camera lens that I hacked off and put on my 4x5, sorry it's not better, I only had time for one shot with the "crappy" lens and had to invest the rest of my time on my "proven" lenses, but I did enjoy using it, the lens is just a few years older than the house, which was built in 1925... and is now a smoldering heap... then I had to go back to dealing with it... but at least I had an opportunity to take a few images of my now defunct house...

TOYO45a, Kodak 122mm, #2 (probably f/16) @ 6 seconds, TMY-2 in Rodinal 1:50 for 10.5 minutes

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