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boy, some folks sure are gassy here
Dan, I've been wondering how best to respond the first post in this thread. You wrote it.

My, you were gassy.

I'm glad that you changed direction and are happier with what you're doing than you were before the change. But your new direction is yours and not everyone shares your preferences.

IMO the best policy is to accept that and let people do what pleases them, whether or not its what you would do. Be glad that they're happy going their various ways, and go your own way.



p.s., so you'll know, that little 45/8 Dagor you sold me is now in an adapter that holds it in a #1. It just covers 2x3 (ok image in the corners) but the corners are a little dark due to mechanical vignetting (in the lens, the shutter and adapter are innocent). On the whole a 47 SA is a better lens for 2x3. And now we know. I don't regret buying it from you.