Over the past year I have shot both black and white and colour alongside each other in different cameras. Usually my Praktica has black and white and colour in either my Trip 35 or Zenit. When I looked back over my pictures from the past year recently I tried picking out my favourites and to pick a winner for my best picture of the year. All my absolute best ones were colour, I did not expect that.

I now have a dilema. I am out of C41 film. I have also had my hours in work reduced last month that I am really struggling again. I have a pile of donated HP5 but I have no facilities to home process and cannot justify the cost of chemicals and equiptment. The C41 process black and white is too expensive and always was a luxury. It looks like the only way I can use film in the future is to get the 1 rolls at poundland. So I have decided to have a colour year. There are a few projects I would like to do in black and white but I will do mostly colour.