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ALL of the "pro" labs I've used here in LA don't play the hide-n-seek game with their pricing. Nor have any of them required I 'start an account' before doing business. They're brick and mortar establishments(I'm talking Icon, Richard Photo Lab, A&I, etc...) and have a large walk-in customer base, and most also have an equally large(if not larger) mail-order business.
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if people are naive enough to think that lab is "better" because they don't publish their prices online
to "protect" their professional clients that's kind of funny...
Perhaps I should clarify here: when I say ProLab that is the generally accepted vernacular for the Portrait and Wedding Labs that sold film to photographers, then processed it, proofed it, printed it, etc. Of course, there are always labs such as you describe that have catered to not only the professional photographers but also the walk-in public (what I call pro-sumer labs).

The Portrait and Wedding Labs were always strictly to the trade, and being such, required you to sign up for an account, especially as they would extend credit to their clients. "Opening an account" is as difficult as providing someone with your contact details which you will need to do with every decent provider of services from film processing to lawn maintenance.

Between the Pro-Lab and Pro-Sumer business models we had about three dozen choices here in Atlanta a decade ago. They are all now gone.

As they say, don't make mountains out of molehills. If you need a good mail order film lab, Miller's is terrific. If you still can and like to drive across town to get your film developed that's terrific, too. It's not terribly complicated.