I haven't seen a ProPack, but no, there is nothing on the base of the EE100 apart from a tripod socket.
Unfortunately, I also haven't seen a shot from a correctly calibrated lens, so it is hard to judge whether this plastic lens is contributing to blur or perhaps it's just my shaky hand with a long exposure..

I adjusted my infinity focus using the procedure here:

I am going to recheck it though, as I need to be sure my SLR infinity focus was correct to begin with (some lenses rotate past infinity focus).
I think that is the best method for setting focus, and the rest of the measurements should be correct. Unfortunately, during the testing period with instant film, you use up a filmpack quite quickly. Another good tip is to retain the darkslide from your filmpack and learn how to slide it back into place (in the dark!) so you don't waste another frame

Also, I have found that a pair of standard Duracell batteries don't last too long when you are constantly tripping the shutter (especially for long times). I decided to ditch alkaline batteries forever and went out and bought some 2000mAh rechargeables.
I think it's high time the old disposable, crappy battery technology was discontinued, considering many of us are more 'eco-friendly' and recycle, etc..

At least I can say I'm doing my part by keeping old cameras going and lowering my carbon footprint by restoring an 75 year old motorbike!