Perhaps I was traumatized by Peter Pan... in all seriousness wisdom does not come from doing it right. It is the effort results in zero or negative consequences that give us perspectve and the more areas of exploration the larger that coverage circle gets. Keep on learning at what ever rewards your mind and your soul. And when the grand plan of the moment fails check off the result box and regroup for your next try. My failures give me pause.. and the ability to say .. I'm retired.. take your time... I am the customer that is not in a rush. And a good day is breathing air, taking nourishment, and not being on life support. Been there done that near death experience thing. Give yourself some favour, and beyond constructive go light on self criticism. See the horizon.. there is somewhere out there waiting to be discovered. Ok I'll get off my stump by saying that I agree with every one of you. Because you know you best.