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I just ended my first DR session with Classic.

1. Classic is much faster than MGIV. #2. My test prints show rich blacks....there seems to be a sense of crispness I don't recall with MGIV. 3. Just looking at the prints in the water hold bath...no reason to miss MGIV. 4. Classic's image tone is slightly more neutral than MGIV using PQ paper developer; many people may not notice.

After printing a few Classic 8x10s from small format I tried to match test strips from my remaining two sheets of 2 year old MGIV. Values way off due to the paper speed. At this point I ran out of time.

Besides my 4 points, I adjusted projection time 20% moving from Ilford's #2 filter to a #1.5. This was totally unexpected and needs additional hands on time to validate.

The image forms around 30-35s. I suspect Classic has incorporated developer. Developer incorporated papers have less shelf life from my experience.

When I have more time and find the right neg I'm interested in a Galerie vs Classic comparison. I think Galerie may have smoother, richer mid tones.

I like the genuine silver gelatin stickers Harman/Ilford packaged inside Classic. It's a silly, little thing...but we print with fibre to achieve the highest print quality. A silver gelatin print deserves the distinction.
Thanks for that, Richard.