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Selenium is not going to give you the density you need. With luck you can get 1 paper grade.

Use a tray and do one strip at a time. You need to see what you are doing during the process.

Any intensifier is going to increase the grain a bit. One is trying to obtain a usable negative. Like so many things in photography you can't have both.

Chromium intensification can be repeated more than once. If desired the last intensified image can be toned with selenium for greater density and permanence. Some people use a staining developer rather than a print developer.

First test the process on a negative that is not valuable.
Selenium will not give you as much increase as you want. Chromium INtensifier will add to your grain and is very toxic to the environment.

Sepia tone the negatives to gain 1.5-2.0 zones increase in the highlights, thus increased contrast. This can be done with the lights on and the redevelopment can be done with your favorite developer.