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you cut an 8" block x the parent roll length ( say 1,500 linear metres ), ....that block is then 'chopped' in a separate ( automated ) process into the 10" dimension ( and at the same time the notches are put in ).
The edge of the 8 inch by zillions of feet roll being "endorsed" would be the traditional way to mare it. You could also have a bright LED light source that would Flash monumentally when the cutter -notcher made the cut. That would allow the marking to be placed beside the notch. It might be convenient to expose the mark through the back of the film. a small opening could be ground into the cutting blade to to so.

BUT since the consensus is it is not a good idea....

I will say that I do occasionally see portraits that Fred Lum does for the Globe and Mail, he often uses a sheet of film with the makers name at the edge of the image to get a bit more eye capture effect. (sometimes sheet film and other times 120) so I can see where having the branding might be useful to some, and would remind folks that Illford is around and does make film. OTOH I can also see folks objecting to the "free Advertising effect"

One thing I would not want would be the branding that was on the Illford 35mm Cine film. That had both footage numbers and "Illford Safety Film" printed every foot with the writing reading correctly from the EMULSION side. (It did make sense for a film editor to have the numbers reading right from that side., but misusing it for stills the writing is backwards on the proof sheets. I still have a few feet of Pan-F marked that way in my fridge from a close out 200ft roll I bought year and years ago)