This is an unusual "uncatalogued" Wollensak Velostigmat. Wish I knew more about why it was made.

It's identical in most every way to the ubiquitous Series II f4.5 Velo's but this one has no series number and is f5.6. So it's a 280mm 11" f5.6, but that half stop makes the barrel a size 4 instead of size 5. Takes the same flange as a Betax #4. Flange IS included btw, even though not in the photos.

I've actually used this lens quite a bit on the 8X10. Standard velvety Velostigmat in every way. It probably doesn't cover the 8X10 by much. I was doing architectural details with it, so I was probably within 25 feet or so of the subject. Seemed to cover nice though.

It's in beautiful shape. I'm having pangs thinking of letting it go. I should really seperate the front 2 cells and make some soft focus pics with it instead of selling it! Maybe I'll change my mind. $325 Shipped in USA