I'm sorry to hear you didn't have insurance. Hopefully the land itself is worth more than the house. That's really bad luck and I hope it turns out okay somehow.

About the lens, well it's a bit of a guess, but with the old Kodak 1A and 3A autographics, if you look inside the door, there is always a long list of patent dates... as many as one or two every year. The later cameras from the 1920's had long lists of patent dates. Since they updated those so often, the last one was usually pretty close and often within less than a year of when the camera was manufactured. Your lens has a 7 Jan 1913 patent, so it was probably made not very long after that date. Just a guess but probably pretty close.

For MSA,
I'm sort of off in another world right now. I'm using a homemade foamcore box camera with a lens a lot like the one Stone is using. I've been making paper negatives from commercial paper and contact printing them as salt prints. Tonight I sensitized my first calotype ever, and it will be ready to shoot tomorrow, so I'm very excited about that and all my attention is there. I'll get back to thinking about MSA when this distraction/excitement settles down.... or if it is successful maybe it will be an MSA entry. It sure is fun, I'm having a blast with it.